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Services for Individuals, Couples, and Families



Choosing a therapist is a personal and important decision.  To see if Anna's services are right for you, you may want to:



If you're ready to schedule your therapy appointment click here to schedule online.  Or you may choose to schedule a complimentary 'meet Anna' appointment to assist you with your research.  If you would like us to check your insurance coverage for you prior to schedule we'd be happy to do that as well.


After you have scheduled your appointment please:

  • fill out the intake paperwork

  • locate our office

  • show up and get started!

206.472.9297 or

I am a Washington State Licensed Therapist, Emotionally Focused Therapist, Certified Gottman Therapist, and Certified Gottman Educator serving the greater Seattle WA area through my office in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. 


 "I feel honored to be a therapist and to have the privilege of helping people improve their relationships with themselves and each other." 


Hi! You have reached my home page: Anna Hedly Goeke Counseling Services.  You have come to the right place if you are looking for couples therapy, marital therapy, or individual therapy.   Choosing a helping professional is a very important and personal decision.  Click here to learn more about my background, education, and professional memberships.  You can contact me directly with any questions you may have or to set up an appointment.  If you feel you need additional information, you may choose to schedule a complimentary 30 minute "meet Anna" appointment to help your research.



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Anna Goeke


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